Standing out online is hard work and Guelph’s own Kelly Caldwell is rocking it! Below we describe four things that Kelly had done or is managing for her online presence that makes her stand out.

Who is Kelly Caldwell?

Kelly is known as a straight-shooter with a commitment to top-notch service and professionalism. As an ABR, she has advanced training in buyer representation, and as a self-described “serial entrepreneur,” she approaches each new listing with enthusiasm and creative ideas.   Using her skills as a trained photographer, magazine Editor and writer, she takes her passion for real estate and makes it come alive online.  Follow her online on her website,  Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

When we asked her what she loves and hates about managing her online presence this is what she said: “I love creating content that helps educate buyers and sellers on the process and the market. What do I hate doing?  Fixing technical glitches. I outsource all of the technical heavy-lifting on my site.”

4 things Kelly is doing that contribute to her awesome online presence

  1. Her website has a clean design, clear navigation, and well placed contact information.  This allows visitors to contact her easily, and find what they are looking for on her website.

Kelly Caldwell Website

2. Kelly blogs regularly on relevant and interesting topics for her target market. She adds pictures and engaging titles to increase engagement.

Kelly Caldwell Blog

3. Kelly has created a repeatable process to gather Google+ reviews and the results show. Below is a picture of the first page of results when you Google “Guelph Realtor”. Notice that Kelly’s name stands out and is only two people amongst a group of brokers.

Kelly Caldwell First page search results

4. Kelly actively posts content to her social media accounts, specifically Google+.  As a result Google rewards her with better ranking in search engine results.  Note how the pictures jump off the page, and how her page is personalized.

Kelly Caldwell Googleplus


Managing your online presence is about having an effective website and managing your offsite online presence so you can get more customers online. To learn more, contact us at, or 1855-44HUNCH.

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