How is Hunch different from it’s competitors?

We strive to get you real results, that are long lasting, use the most inexpensive (read FREE) and effective process and technology to help you grow your business. We do not lock you into a website, nor would we rent you a phone number. Our goal is to help you!

Each month when you invest in your online presence with us, you own the outcome of your work. Why is this important? We want you to get long lasting, sustainable results. This way, should you decide you want to stop using our service, you still get a ongoing return on your investment.

Finally, our co-founder, Mark van Berkel is an expert in the world in Semantic Technology. Why is this important? Google, Bing, and Yahoo have all moved to a semantic model, and so we use his unique knowledge to help small businesses “speak” the language of the search engines. Most small companies would never get access to this expertise, but not anymore!

 What is online presence management?

Online Presence Management is the discipline of managing your business, brand, and personality online. Management of your online presence is the process of knowing where and how you show up, making your website work for you and influencing online factors off your website to get results awesome results.  Sound confusing, it can be. That is where we come in.

At Hunch Manifest, we help ambitious business owners get more customers.  We do this through online presence management. We take our comprehensive knowledge of online marketing, search engine optimization, innovation and customer service and deliver it to you in the most effective way for your business. This can range from us providing you monthly coaching on how to do it yourself, or by building an online strategy and implementing it for you.


Will it work my business?


We believe that every business has the opportunity to leverage the web to get more customers, however the approach and needs are unique, just like your business.

Our offers range from only $30/month to $200/month and are personalized based on your goals and online presence needs. If you don’t have a marketing person but want to use the web, we may be a good partner.

Our services work best for businesses that offer services or products and that are hungry for results. Our monthly coaching service (Presence Manager) only yields results if you do the work.  Our super star clients that do the work, are seeing great results. Take a look at what our customers are saying to hear how we have helped real businesses get more customers.


Is it affordable?

We offer services that range from $30/month, to hundreds of dollars a month. Depending on what you need, we have an offer for you.  Read more about what might work for you here.


Do I have to sign a year long contract?

No, our services are risk free. When you sign up for our monthly services, there is no minimum contract and you can cancel anytime.


When do I start seeing results?

While we don’t make guarantees, many of our clients are seeing results within as little as 16 weeks.  Depending on the offering you choose and your current online presence maturity, timing of results can vary.


What are some example tasks you coach or do for businesses?

Online Presence Management is broad. Some examples of tasks are

  • Sign up for an online directory (helps website ranking)
  • Start posting to social media using this productivity tool (save you time!)
  • Use Google+ in addition to other social media
  • Add this semantic code to your website (helps search engine optimization)


How can I find out more?

Schedule a free consult with us. We spend 15 minutes with you to answer your questions and give you free advice about your online presence. Schedule one today.


What comes with the offers?

Each offer comes with a quarter online presence audit and on online dashboard. We believe that what you measure gets impacted. So each quarter we measure your online presence and baseline your metrics.  The depending on your service, you either get sent a monthly task, or we plan online tasks to be done for you. We use our online dashboard to share information and to communicate.  More details about each service and what comes with it are here.


Hunch Manifest Inc was founded in June 2011 in Toronto, Canada