Why do Google Reviews disappear?

Have you received a Google+ reviews that has later disappeared? Don’t worry, you didn’t imagine that review. This happens because Google has a very aggressive spam filter when it comes to reviews and even legitimate reviews can turn up as spam under their radars. In this situation, the review writer…

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How to Create an Online Survey

Survey’s are a great way to find out information about customer opinions or preferences. Sending them out online is a convenient and low cost way to collect information from a large sample size. Consider sending out surveys to determine what your customers think of your products, after you host an…

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email subject lines

How to Write Effective Email Subject Lines

Email campaigns is an integral part of any Marketing campaign. However, how does one ensure that the emails reach the target consumers inbox and is read? Effective email subject lines are a must. Here are some tips that will help you create a superb email subject line: Step 1: Avoid these…

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