Twitter ROI

How to Measure Twitter ROI

What is Twitter ROI? So, your business has a solid Twitter page and following. Your page is being updated on a daily basis and you are receiving favourites and re-tweets on your multiple posts. However, how do you measure which posts perform better than others? What type of posts receive the most attention?…

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Google Analytics Review

Using Google web analytics allows you to better understand your current interactions and to understand how your online presence affects ongoing customer interaction.  We like to use Google Analytics since its free to use and offers many features beyond the needs of the common user.  At a minimum, businesses can use Google Analytics…

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Setting up Google Analytics

In this blog we will walk you through how to sign up for Google Analytics. Why is this important? Take a minute to review our blog titled “Google Analytics Review” to better understand why they are important and how you can use them to inform business decisions. This task is…

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