Presence Manager
$30per month
  • Quarterly Report
  • Online Dashboard
  • Online Review Monitoring
  • Social Media Metrics Tracking
  • 1 Do It Yourself Online Presence Task

* Each month tasks OR marketing campaigns are completed
** Website updates can be added as a Presence Strategy monthly task or can be done through website maintenance contract/consulting ($100/hour, min 1 hour)

Presence Manager

Our do-it-yourself guided offering where we provide you a task to do each month that will help you build your online presence. These are easy to do tasks with step by step instructions. Each quarter we evaluate your progress in our Quarterly Presence Report on your business. This offer costs $30/month and clients see results as early as 12 weeks. This is a great offer if there is someone in the company that can have tasks delegated to them.

Presence Director

Includes the features of Presence Manager, however we give you up to 3 tasks or more complex marketing strategies to do each month. This offer increases your presence maturity more quickly, while empowering you and your team with the know-how to do it for yourselves. This offer costs $100/month. The quarterly report has more detailed metrics around search ranking, and local search.