When we decided to move Hunch Manifest to Guelph in 2012, we made the decision based on proximity to Toronto and Kitchener Waterloo and overall cost of living. What we didn’t anticipate was that Guelph boasts an engaging, welcoming business and entrepreneurial community. You, the Guelph community and businesses have made us feel welcome, helped us grow, and become our business family.   Three specific groups of people stand out and who we would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU.

Innovation Guelph

When we reached out to Innovation Guelph as a new start-up in town, we were met with open arms. The Innovation Guelph team energetically set us up with a mentor, offered resources at their disposal and invited us to training opportunities. Our experience with Innovation Guelph has been awesome and has played a critical role in growing our business. This was the exact opposite experience than what we had in Toronto. Thank you Innovation Guelph.

Members and staff at the Guelph Chamber of Commerce

We will never forget our first Pub Night with the Guelph Chamber of Commerce, in September 2013.  We were greeted by David Halls, and immediately invited to check out the Chamber Plus Networking breakfast. The Tuesday CPN group started my education about doing business in Guelph and what it was like to be a small business owner.  Since then, the Chamber has been a supportive network of businesses of all sizes, and has taught us the power participating.  The boardrooms at the Chamber have also been a valuable part of our membership benefits. Thank you Chamber members and staff for introducing us to the business community in Guelph and for your outstanding programs to bring business owners together.

Community of entrepreneurs at Founder’s Club at Threefortynine

Every Wednesday night you can find one of our co-founders at Threefortynine’s Founder’s club. Since we joined, we have received so much value from this energetic, lively, brutally honest group of experienced entrepreneurs. Each week there is a give and take, where we learn something new and also get to share from our experiences.  We are so thankful to have the Founder’s club as part of entrepreneurial family.  Thank you Brydon and Founder’s club.

Thank you Guelph for being a kick ass community to build and grow a business!

Martha and Mark

Hunch Manifest, co-founders

Strategic Business Leader. Addicted to Launching. Passionate about innovation, change, and helping others. Fires up customer adoption.