How to Add a User to Google Analytics

Step 1: Click Admin at the Top of Your Google Analytics Page

When logged into your Google Analytics Page, select “Admin” at the top of the page:

Add New User to Google Analytics

Step 2: Under Account Column, Click “User Management”

Under the Account Column on the left hand side of your screen, select “User Management”:

Add User to Google Analytics

Step 3: Add Permissions For…

Once you select User Management, a new screen will pop up. In the box under “Add Permissions For”, enter the new user’s email address. The button beside where you enter the new users email, you can also select whether they have permission to: Manage Users, Edit, Collaborate, or Read & Analyze. Select the ones that work for your situation:

Add Users to Google Analytics

Once this is selected, click the “Notify this user by email” box (so the new user knows they can now access the account) and click “Add”.

Step 4: Successfully Added User

Once you have clicked “Add”, a green message will appear at the top of the screen that reads “Success”, and under “email”, you can see the new users email, as well as their permissions (permissions can be changed at any time):

Add User to Google Analytics

The new user is now successfully added to your Google Analytics account. If you have any new users or employees wanting access to your account, simply follow the steps above.