Use Google+ Profile for website Search Engine Optimize (SEO)

Google+ is a powerful social and search engine optimization platform.  One of the features they have built into their Google+ platform is using your Google+ personal profile to link to your company page. This blog provides you the steps and examples for how you can leverage your Google+ personal profile to improve your company’s search engine ranking. To do this, we will focus on three areas of your personal Google+ profile. They are: Work, Story and Links.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Go to In the top right hand corner, under your personal profile, select profile.


What you will see next is your entire profile. We will focus on the Work, Story and Links sections of the profile.


Step 2: Edit the work section of your profile

Go to the work section of your profile and click on Edit at the bottom of the section.


Add your occupation, skills, company and roles. Be thoughtful about the words that you use here.  Reference the “High Impact Keywords” blog to find out what keywords people search for that you can use here and in your “Story” section.  Click Save when you are done.


Step 3: Edit your story and link to your company page and blog.


Add your tagline, using keywords that align to your business and that have high search values from the “High impact keywords” tool on Google.  Alslo, you will note that you can choose who can see your  Introduction and Bragging Rights. We encourage you to share them publicly, but you have a choice. The choices are Public, Only You, Your Circles, Your Extended Circles or Custom.  If you don’t feel comfortable setting it to Public, we recommend you choose Extended Circles.   Also, you will note that you can link to your company website and your blog in your description. We highly encourage you to do this.  If there is a non-profit you work with, we encourage you to also add a link to their site. This will help search engine ranking.  Click Save when you are done editing.


An example of what our co-founder Martha van Berkel put as her Introduction is below.

Work: I am the co-founder of Hunch Manifest and love helping ambitious small businesses get more customers by managing their online presence and doing web marketing.  I am a online strategist, always thinking about how SEO, blogging, social media, and websites can work for you and your business. Having worked in online strategy for 14 years, I love the challenge of bringing BIG business tools, tech and strategies to smaller business.

Personal:  I love to spend time with my family, volunteering, travelling,  eating chocolate and experimenting with gluten free cooking.

Cell: +1 (226) 979 1005
Twitter: @hunchmanifest

 Step 4: Edit your Links to point to your social media accounts and company website/blog

From your profile page, click on Edit at the bottom of the Links Section.


Once you are in the Links section, first look to see if you can claim a Google+ URL. This makes your URL easier to remember. Then, go to Other profiles and add your social media accounts by clicking  “add custom link”. We recommend you add your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook  profiles.  If there are blogs you contribute to (including your own), add them under “Contributer to”. Finally, under the “links” section, add a link to your website by clicking on “Add custom link”.  If you need to edit your entry after you save, click on the pencil to edit the link on the right hand side column. Click Save when you are done.


Congratulations, you are now done updating your Google+ profile to contribute to your company’s search engine optimization. Have questions? Submit them in the comments below.


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