Survey’s are a great way to find out information about customer opinions or preferences. Sending them out online is a convenient and low cost way to collect information from a large sample size. Consider sending out surveys to determine what your customers think of your products, after you host an event, or use them as a way to inform a yearly review of your company. This blog will go through how to set up a survey online and how to use an online tool, Survey Monkey. 

1. Ask yourself why.

Before you begin planning your survey, ask yourself why you are sending it out. Why are you asking for feedback?  What’s the point you’re trying to prove, or the question you’re trying to answer? What actions will the feedback from the survey inform? The answers to these questions will influence the questions that you ask in your survey.

2. Determine your demographic.

To pick the best way to distribute your survey, decide who you will be asking to fill it out. The way you ask questions will change based on the age group you are targeting as well as their experience with your product or company.

3. Determine your sample size.

Decide how many people taking your survey would be an appropriate size to gain the opinion you want. This “sample” of people needs to be big enough to be an accurate estimate of your target demographic.

4. Choose an online tool to distribute your survey

One of the best online tools to distribute surveys online is Survey Monkey.

How to Use Survey Monkey

1. Create a new survey.

Once you create an account with Survey Monkey, start a new survey.


You can either choose to build a new survey from scratch or start with an expert template. If using a template works for your survey, its might be a good idea to use one as it will save you time and give you well crafted questions in your survey tailored to the type of survey you are creating.


2. Customize your survey. 

On the next page you can customize your survey. You can add questions to the template, if you’ve chosen to use one, from a question bank or you can write your own. You can change the answer options such as a drop down or a ranking.

From the options you can add your company logo to your survey, a survey title and add a required asterisks. Finally, you can change the colours from the Theme drop down.


3. Choose how to distribute your survey. 

From the next page, you will decide how to distribute your survey. Using a link via email, social media or your website is the most anonymous option.


The next page will provide you with the link.

4. Analyze your survey feedback. 

When your completed survey’s start coming in, you will be bale to analyze the results from the final page. You can compare results and see summaries of the answers to your questions.


Use Survey Monkey to gather valuable information from your customers or community. Feedback is always a valuable tool to help improve your business or products and can be used in powerful ways.

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