Wordpress Blogging

How To Post A Blog in WordPress

Contents0.1 Video tour and Instructions0.2 Adding a new Blog Post0.3 Select a Category, Tag and Feature Image0.4 Categories 1 SEO on the Blog1.1 Keywords 1.2 Using the Yoast Plugin on WordPress This guide provides you resources for posting your blogs, using the Yoast SEO plugin on WordPress and guides you…

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Why do Google Reviews disappear?

Have you received a Google+ reviews that has later disappeared? Don’t worry, you didn’t imagine that review. This happens because Google has a very aggressive spam filter when it comes to reviews and even legitimate reviews can turn up as spam under their radars. In this situation, the review writer…

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Local Business Grows by 40% working with Hunch Manifest on Online Presence

Meet Brendan Ireton-Paul, Guelph Osteopathy Where do you spend time online?    Facebook, Fitness blogs, Twitter. Describe yourself in three words: Life Learner. Optimistic. Tenacious. What is your online personality:  Active social media user (Google+, Facebook, Twitter), open to trying new tools/apps When not working, what are your hobbies:  Power Lifting and Rock…

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