Independently publishing an ebook on your website, for example, has become a great way for small businesses to share their expertise in a longer, take away format. Its also a great way to produce some “passive income” and try to add more value for your customers. This blog goes through four big steps to creating and selling your first ebook.

1. Plan the Ebook

Brainstorm who your target audience for your ebook will be and what solution you are providing. Your ebook needs to deliver results in a short amount of time for readers. So think of what you can provide in a matter of days to solve a problem within your industry. You ebook needs to address the most pressing pain or desire for your audience. It also needs to be a logical first step for a brand or customer to connect with your company.

How to Write an Ebook

Look up reviews on Kindle or Amazon to get an idea of what people like or don’t like about ebooks that are already available and identify what is missing. If you can, try to fill that void with your ebook.

Choose a title:
Here are some proven titles that will get people to download or buy your ebook for their promise of quick results and easy to follow steps.
How to ___ without ___
# simple ways to ____
How to _____ in X days or less
X simples steps for _____ ex. 5 steps for writing hit pop songs

2. Create the Ebook

Create an outline for your ebook using a mindmap or another planning method that works for you. Only allow yourself enough space to deliver one result or benefit and break it down into three to five steps or sections. This initial outline should consist of three to five sections and notes of what you want to touch on for each section. The more organized you are in the beginning, the faster your ebook will come together and the better the message will be.

Tips for writing

  • Write to one person: pick your avatar and write to them, write as if you are speaking to them
  • Every time you make a main point consider if there a story to illustrate this point
  • Don’t write a college essay, write like you talk and don’t be afraid to show your personality
  • Give yourself a deadline

3. Editing

Go through the ebook a few different times with a critical eye. Ask yourself at each section if this is needed to deliver the result and if no, take it out.  Give it to someone who is in your target audience and look for feedback. Format the ebook and break it down into headings, add links, look for places to add images or infographics. And of course, edit for grammar and spelling mistakes. When you are all finished editing, put it together in something you can sell such as a PDF.

4. Selling your ebook

Just focus on selling one ebook. You can have your ebook available on your website for purchase and download, or you can add it to Amazon, the Google Play or iTunes store, depending on what your goals are. Market your ebook on your website, blog and social media accounts.

This blog post is based on a podcast from Internet Business Mastery. To listen to the full podcast, check out their website here. 


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