Meet Brendan Ireton-Paul, Guelph Osteopathy

Brendan Ireton-PaulWhere do you spend time online?    Facebook, Fitness blogs, Twitter.

Describe yourself in three words: Life Learner. Optimistic. Tenacious.

What is your online personality:  Active social media user (Google+, Facebook, Twitter), open to trying new tools/apps

When not working, what are your hobbies:  Power Lifting and Rock Climbing.


Guelph Osteopathy is a local osteopathy clinic that helps patients with health concerns by taking a holistic approach, treating the whole body and finding the root of the problem.  Owner, Brendan Ireton-Paul, helps patients with health concerns – he works with babies, sports injuries, knee problems, neck issues, really anything that is sore or needs attention.  He combines his knowledge of osteopathy with his background in fitness (certified personal trainer, and black belt in karate).

Before working with Hunch Manifest, Brendan relied mainly on word of mouth and referrals from other practitioners for new clients. Brendan knew that using the web as a sales tool to grow business was vital, but didn’t know where to start.

Since June 2014, Ireton- Paul has been working with Hunch as a Presence Manager client. Each month Brendan receives a task with step by step instructions focusing him on a specific action to take to increase his online presence and get more customers online. Hunch took away the complexity and guess work out of using the web as an effective marketing tool and the results speak for themselves.

“Signing up for Presence Manager was the best investment I have ever made for my business”  

Before working with Hunch, Ireton- Paul would point people to the website but wouldn’t hear back and didn’t know why.  Now, thanks to Hunch’s recommendations, clients Google “Guelph Osteopathy” and find his business immediately. They have the option to click to call or go to his website to book an appointment.  This has delighted his clients as well as saved Ireton-Paul hours of administrative work.

 “My clients love that they can book an appointment online because it saves them time. Instead of doing two or three hours returning phone calls and emails, I can now fill it with seeing patients and I get my evenings and weekends back.”  


Since working with Hunch Manifest, Guelph Osteopathy has grown over 40 percent. Most of these new clients found Guelph Osteopathy online thanks to improved search engine optimization (SEO), Google my Business listings and creating processes that are automated and solve a problem clients. In Guelph Osteopathy’s case, it was the ability to book an appointment online.

Before working with Hunch Manifest, Ireton- Paul didn’t know if his business was showing up on Google. Now he has confidence that he will show up on the first page of search results and people can easily find him.

When we asked him what he has learned from his Presence Manager virtual coaching over the last 6 months he said, “The awesome power of video, that Google+ is a secret weapon and that if you focus on the right things, you will get GREAT results.”

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