If your company doesn’t have its own blog, you can utilize your Google My Business page to share short blog posts. This can be done through simply writing posts and choosing which circles to share them among. The great thing about Google+ is you can include photos, videos, links, events and polls in your posts.


Google+ can work as a blog because there is lots of room for writing articles which means you can post quality content and images. A lot of people find this leads to more shares and interactions because of the huge user base that is available to you on the platform. People who discover your Google+ blog can follow or “circle” you to follow all of your updates. They may share your blog, which opens your blog up to a whole new audience. Sharing on Google+ travels fast, so this presents a great opportunity to have your blog found by lots of new people.

However, if you do decide to use Google+ as a blogging platform, be sure to archive your content in some way off the platform if you’d like to reuse it later. Also, because your Google+ profile isn’t a space you own, like a website, its best to keep your content safe in another place.



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