How to Add Social Media Buttons to your Website with ShareThis

Step 1: Activate your Content

The first step for using ShareThis is to activate your content (or social media pages). To do so, select “Get the code-it’s free!”:

share this homepage

Step 2: Choose your Platform

You have a number of options here to connect your Social Media pages with. For the sake of example, we will utilize the Website option:

Once you have chosen your platform, select “next” at the bottom of the selected box.

Step 3: Selecting a Style

You can now select from a range of styles that would best suit your site. From buttons to Toolbars, the choice is yours:

selecting a style

After making your choice (we will go with buttons), you will click “next” once again in the selected box. This will take you to the customized tab.

Step 4: Customize Buttons

This next step will allow you to select which buttons you will like to appear on your website. You will have a number of options and multiple social media buttons to choose from:

customizing buttons

If the incorrect Social Media buttons appear under “Selected Services”, simply click the x beside the specified button. This will remove it from the list. You can also search for certain social media outlets under “Sharing Buttons” and “Other Social Plugins”. You can also adjust the size of each button under “Button Size” and select what you would like to monitor. Whether people copy and paste your URL or your website content, this can be found under “CopyNShare Settings”. ShareThis also provides you with a preview of your selected social media buttons. Once you are satisfied with your choices, select “Get the Code!”.

Step 5: Add the Code to your Website

After following the above steps, ShareThis will then provide you with the following code to add into the HTML coding of your website:


There are 2 sections of Codes generated from this process: HTML and JavaScript:

HTML – The HTML Code can be placed anywhere between the <body> tags on your page. This code tells ShareThis what type of button and social service to use:

html code

JavaScript – The JavaScript code is crucial for this to work. Place this line of code between the <head> tags on your page:


ShareThis is a helpful tool to help link your Social Media accounts with your website. For more information on what ShareThis is, and how it can help your website, check out their website (