Step 1: Share the Post

The best way to attract viewers to your WordPress website is to simply share the created content. Some tips for sharing on social media can be found below:

1.) Use Google URL Shortener – On social media outlets where number of characters matter (for example, Twitter), it is best that you shorten your post URL down. This allows for a cleaner looking post.

2.) Allow the Preview – It has been proven that media paired with a post doubles engagement amongst your users. To allow a preview of your content (or picture) simply just copy and paste your URL into the “Status” section of Facebook, or the compose tweet section of Twitter, and a preview will automatically appear:

Facebook preview post twitter preview post


3.) Set a Featured Image for the Post in WordPress – Going along with the idea that media boosts engagement, add an image that is related to your post. To do so, select “Set Featured Image” on the right hand side of the edit post page:

featured image

Once selected, choose the desired image and select “Set Featured Image” in the bottom right corner:

set featured imageIn doing this, the preview for the post on Social media will now feature an image.

4.) Share via Google+ – Relatively same process as Facebook and Twitter, login to your Google+ Account. On your home page, select “Share what’s new…”, or create a new post:

google +

Once selected, you can then add in your desired URL and (with the featured image) would look something like this:

preview post for google+

Sharing your WordPress Content is crucial to driving new viewers and potential clients.

Step 2: What does it Mean when People Like My Shared Content?

A number of questions appear once someone likes a shared content post: did they find the content interesting, do they think my company is interesting, would they be willing to do business with me? More than not, a “Like” usually stems from engaged users taking the time to read the content and finding some worth in it. Do they think your company is interesting? It is certainly a possibility. The best way to measure this fact is to continue sharing interesting content from your website and seeing if the same users continue to like the post. Would they be willing to do business with me? Again, it could and it could not. The best way to see if the person is actively engaged and wishes to do business with your company is to send them a direct message either through Facebook or Twitter. When people like your content, or your shared content, it could result in a number of alternatives. All-in-all, Likes are good and can lead to the start of a business, or personal, relationship.

Sharing your content on Social Media is crucial to ensuring engagement amongst users, and driving traffic to your website. In a later post, we will discuss the top social plug-ins WordPress has to offer.