If you are like many small business owners using online marketing as a way of advertise, you have a website. And, if you have a website, you should have a form that allows individuals to sign up to receive your newsletter. It’s an email that goes out, informs your subscribers of what your business can do for them, and encourages them to come back to your website or to call you to get the service they need.

The key problem is, many small business owners don’t know what to put into that newsletter to get people in the door. Even if your business offers the same products and services every day, there is still plenty to offer the world through newsletters. Consider these tips.

#1: Say Thank You

A good place to start with your newsletters is with a thank you. Encourage your readers to interact with you and talk to you, but also say thank you to them for their continued loyalty and, even more importantly, for their purchases.

#2: Cut the Sales Language

You shouldn’t create an email that will end up in spam because it contains nothing but a big discount or sale. You want your email to be something worth reading. While you can and should mention sales, you don’t want to go overboard in this area.

#3: Teach Them Something

Another important step is to encourage your readers to learn something from you. For example, if you are a roofing installer, teach them about a specific type of roofing material, including why it may be better than others. Then, after teaching them, mention your discounted rate on that product.

#4: Have Some Personality

It is also important for you to engage your readers as you, the company’s owner or manager. That means including your image, if possible, and at least your name and signature. You want to ensure that people are familiar with your company and with you in general.

#5: Give Them a Reason to Click

Finally, give your readers a reason to make the click from the newsletter to your website or even to your phone. Doing so doesn’t have to be a challenge. You’ll simply want to communicate about your sale or discount. Ask them to call you.

These tips can help you to engage your subscribers more fully so that every email you send out is opened and read by the person you want to read it.

Mark van Berkel is Founder and President of Hunch Manifest Inc. While managing business operations he also leads the team in designing semantic technology to provide personalized online presence and reputation management services. Prior to forming the company, he was consultant in enterprise software projects to companies including Panasonic, Shell, and General Electric and was an Architect for a world leading human capital management software-as-a-service. Mark holds a Bachelor of Information Systems from StFX University and did his graduate studies at University of Toronto, getting a MEng Industrial Information Engineering and an MBA, Strategy and Innovation from the Rotman School of Management. In 2006 he published a 170 page report as a researcher at the Semantic Technologies Lab at the University of Toronto and built a semantic technology prototype for SAP Research Labs. Connect with Mark on LinkedIn or Twitter. Mark is also certified in Google Analytics.