Independently Google My Business and YouTube provide great  ways to engage with your users. Recently, Google has provided organizations the ability to connect YouTube Channels with Google+ My Business account. You can control your public profile on Youtube by updating your connected Google+ account.

Most Youtube channels are now already connected to Google+ account. Yet, you have the option to connect to a Google+ Profile (for a person) or a Google+ Page (for organizations).

Benefits of Linked Account

Benefits include integration in both directions, Google+ profile information for Youtube channel, Youtube posting information shared to Google+ My Business. Additional benefits of linking include:

  • Multiple people can manage the channel
  • Auto-posting. When you upload a public video to YouTube, you can choose to simultaneously add a customized post on Google+ that links to the video.
  • Hangouts On Air. With Hangouts On Air, you can run a live broadcast to the world, and then share the recording on your channel.

Check for your linked account

Go to and Login with your Google User

You will be prompted with your Pages, under your business page name, select the button “Manage Your Page”

Google My Business Manage Page


Then scroll down through the connected services to see the Youtube section. If you have a connected YouTube account, you will find it here.

Google My Business YouTube Link


Clicking on the YouTube icon or the button “Go to Channel” will take you to YouTube to see analytics of your Channel’s performance.

How to connect your YouTube channel to Google+

In most cases, you connect YouTube channel to your organization page.

  1. Go to YouTube Advanced settings
  2. Click Connect with a Google+ page
  3. From the options, pick the best option for the new name of your YouTube Channel.

For more information see the Google help page Connect to a Google+ Profile