As an encouragement to engage and get active, we at Hunch have a little challenge for you: send a tweet to 5 people you want to have a conversation with and see what happens!

Check out this example of Matthew Trinetti, a normal guy traveling Europe who was learning to experiment with Twitter who tweeted at Nanna Hilmarsdóttir, the lead singer for Of Monsters and Men.


Translation of the last two tweets:

Nanna says: “haha this is wild! These guys stayed in your apartment

Raggi (another band member) says: “haha this is ridiculous!!! Hope u had a good time in my old apartment 🙂

Lesson: Twitter breaks down barriers to previously “unreachable” people. We now have the ability to connect with almost anyone from our living room.

Here is another tweet from Matthew to Paulo Coelho, an international best-selling author.


Paulo Coelho then responded with this, sending Matthew’s blog post to his 5.8 million followers:


Lesson: Twitter has the power to give you instant credibility, validate your offering, and spread your message.

These are examples of conversations that provided a large scale reaction, if you don’t get these same results, don’t get frustrated! But it’s useful to look at Twitter as another tool to connect with people; success on Twitter follows the same principles as connecting with people in real life. Be sincere and genuine, and give freely – in giving praise, or giving advice – Matthew wrote that he wasn’t looking for Paulo to re-post his material, he just wanted to thank him for writing his book. And have have something interesting to say or share, by having something to share you open the possibility of connecting with that person.

So we challenge you: have a conversation with 5 people on Twitter and let us know how it goes!