After establishing your newsletter on MailChimp, you require a subscribed following in order for people to see your generated content. What is the best way to get users subscribed to your mailing list? By embedding a signup form on your website. This tutorial assumes that you already possess a MailChimp account. To set yours up today, check out our blog post here.

Step 1: Select Which List the Form Will Be Created For

Once you are logged into your account, select “Lists”. In order to generate the form, select “Signup Forms” from the drop down menu beside “stats”.


Step 2: Select “Embedded Forms”

After selecting from the drop down menu, you will then select “Embedded Forms”.



Step 3: Format Your Signup Form

After selecting “Embedded Forms”, it will give you the option to edit the style and the required fields. You can change the Title of the form, the look, and the required fields.


Step 4: Copy and Paste the HTML Code into Your Website

After altering the content of the signup form, there is a box in the bottom right corner with different codes in order to allow your form to work. As you update what you wish to see on this form, the HTML code will change. The final step to embed a signup form on your website is to simply copy and paste this code in the head of your desired page.


For example, if you are using a WordPress generated website, simply copy and paste this code into the head HTML box found at the bottom of the edit page:

embed a signup form

In order for people to view your generated content, you must develop a solid subscription list. The best way to do so is to embed a signup form on your website.