Why should you care?

All of us want to be more productive and our goal @hunchmanifest is to find the tools, tricks that are free and inexpensive to help you save time. This way you can do what you do best, and not spend more time than required managing your online presence or doing social media. Our latest trick is to use Tweetdeck to respond to followers, and to direct messages. A great tool to engage your followers in a short amount of time. The interface makes it easy to send quick personalized messages, and follow people who have recently followed you. It is also a quick way to respond to direct messages without a lot of clicks.  Try it for yourself and tell us what you think.

If you plan thirty minutes each week to respond to followers and messages, you increase your twitter productivity.

Step 1: Login to TweetDeck.

Step 2:  Send a message to someone who has Followed you

To reply to a person who has just followed you follow these steps. Go to the Notifications Column.  Click on the person icon on the right hand side. Select Tweet to @nameofperson.



Then on the left hand side, enter one of your responses. Click Tweet and you are done.


Step 3: Follow your follower back.

Go to the Notifications Column. Click on the person icon on the right hand side. Select  Follow @nameofperson



Step 4: Respond to Messages

Under the Messages column,  respond to a direct message by clicking on the arrow on the right.



And then enter your message and hit Reply.


Additional suggestions: Branding voice

The key with all of your tweets is to be genuine. If you are at a loss on what to say, come up with 5-10 ideas on what you could send someone that reflects your brand, or responds to something they have put in their description. For example, for Hunch Manifest we may respond with one of the following.  We do not recommend sending the same response to everyone, people know it is a canned response and are less likely to reply. The focus here is to engage your audience with genuine responses.

  • Thank you for for the follow. How did you hear about us? What is your biggest headache around SEO?
  • Thanks for the follow. How did you get into online marketing?
  • Thank you for the follow, how did you hear about us?
  • Thank you for the follow, <enter something in response to their profile description>
  • Thanks for the follow, what are you trying to learn how to do for your business online? Send us your thoughts and we will blog about it.
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