4 Social Media Tools To Save Time and Build Your Audience 

Social Media can be both time consuming and overwhelming when you’re trying to find fresh content to share with your audience. Thankfully, there are tons of tools now to help you with this task. We have four new, free tools for you to try to find new content to share and hopefully save time, and a few headaches, while using social media  Give these a try and let us know what you think:

1. Feedly to read and share blog posts

Use Feedly to quickly browse the blogs your check frequently. You can organize the blogs you read into categories and find new blogs to subscribe to. You can also find what other people subscribe to and add those blogs to your list. One of the great things about Feedly is it can integrate with Twitter and Facebook in the free version, and Buffer in the Pro version, so you can share the articles right from Feedly to your social media accounts. What we also love is that you can read the article within Feedly without having to navigate to the original site that it was posted on, which differentiates it from other sites like this. 


2. Dlvr.it: Automatically Share Content

Dlvr.it connects to your accounts and continuously monitors your news feeds and RSS enabled web sites. It automatically shares new content to your social networks. With a free account you can connect up to 3 social media accounts. You can also create a queue of content wherever you find it with the browser extension and it’ll be shared on an optimized schedule. Dlvr.it also creates its own engagement stats, so you can track who clicks on your links.

3. Commun.it: Manage Relationships

Commun.it helps you manage your relationships on Twitter and lays out your engaged users, influencers and supporters of your brand. Commun.it helps you manage relationships by showing who recently followed you, who interacts with your posts mosts and people to consider following. You can also add keywords to find new people to follow. Their reports shows a run down of how you have engaged with people through mentions and retweets over the past three days (or longer if you have a pro account).


4. Scoop.itFind Great Content 

With Scoop.it, you can find new content on the topics you care about. You can create boards that act as containers for content. Scoop.it will curate content based on keywords that you set. You can also find people that are creating boards that you are interested in and use them to curate content and save time.