The plus one button on Google+ makes it simple for you to show when you like or agree with a post. Adding a +1 to Google+ posts also helps you keep track of posts you like, and it can help people in your circles and extended circles know what you recommend.

Add a +1 on Google Plus

While browsing on Google+, you can +1 a post by simply clicking the +1 button next to the post you’d like to apply it to. Some websites also let you +1 their content directly from their sites.

+1 Post 2

You can see the posts you’ve +1’d on Google from your profile by navigating to the +1 tab on the main menu.



Add, Edit, or Delete a Comment

If you want to reply to what someone shared on Google+, you can add a comment to their post by clicking the Add a Comment button at the bottom of the post. Your comment will be shared with everyone that can see the post.

Post a comment

You can edit a comment by clicking Edit on the comment next to the date. Make sure you click the Save Changes button when you’ve finished. To delete a comment, click the X.