In the world of search engines, Google ranks highest, followed by Yahoo and Bing. For this reason, all businesses should make sure they are listed in all of the top three directories. Below are the steps of how you can register for Bing Places. This is similar to the registration process for Google My Business.   Just like when you register with Google My Business, it is important to complete your listing with as much information as possible. This will  help you rank higher in search engine results.

Step 1: Go to Bing Places at: to start registering for Bing Places.

Register on Bing


Step 2: Select your country, company name and location. Click Search.


Step 3: Select your company name, or if it is not listed click on Create new business.

If your business is listed, GREAT! Select it and continue the process. If it is not listed, don’t worry. You can add your business to their directory.bing3

Step 4: Click login.


If you have a Microsoft account for your computer, Hotmail, or otherwise, use it. If you do not have a Microsoft account, create one. bing5

Step 5: Enter/complete your business information.

Enter your company information or complete your registration. Fill in as much information as possible as the more complete your listing, the more value it will bring. Add 2-3 photos, a description and your business hours.


Step 6: Verify your listing, via phone or traditional mail. We recommend you use the phone as it is quick and easy.

You are done. Your listing will show as follows when you are logged in showing it is verified.


Congrats, your business will now appear in Bing Places searches.

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