“The supposition that the future resembles the past is not founded on arguments of any kind, but is dereived entirely from habit.” – David Hume.

The suspension of beliefs is neccessary to enjoy the exploration and discovery of new ideas in your business or industry. The revolutionary potential in your business exists, but its emergent properties are dormant until you find the courage to see it with new ‘eyes’.

Look at your world twice. Sometimes asking the right questions can help you arrive at new answers. For instance, think of the worst possible idea for your company’s next product and then try reversing it. It can be easier to break group think by a reversal tact such as this.

An example could be for a Newspaper publisher. A bad idea like creating the newspaper with plastic and treating the paper with poison could be reversed. This could be transformed into a newspaper made from organics that moisturized your hands as you held it. While that may or may not be desirable, viable, or feasible, who are you going to let determine the answer? You or your competitor?

Be disruptive, suspend your beliefs.