What is an autoresponder email?

An autoresponder is just a sequence of email marketing message that gets sent to subscribers in the order and frequency that you decide. Autoresponders should be used after someone subscribes to your newsletter, after they download something from your website or after they fill out a form. At the very basic level, autoresponders should either welcome your new subscriber to your email list or deliver the content that the visitor requested. From there, you should set up additional emails to build trust and show off your personality so people continue to open your emails. This blog post is based off our learning from a Smart Passive Income podcast.

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How to Use Autoresponder Emails

Your first email should thank them for their download and subscription, deliver what you promised and introduce your story and your business. Explain who you are and why they should pay attention to you. You should also explain what they can expect in your emails, especially why it will be of value to them to remain subscribed to your list in the long term. Your first email should build trust, introduce yourself and tell them why they should continue opening their emails.

Before you put people in your general broadcast email list or try to start selling things to them, you need to establish trust so they continue to open your emails. Through these emails, its very important to show the personality of your brand and introduce a little humour and be genuine.

When to Start Selling

You should send two to three emails that are mostly introductory before you try to sell something. Plan to have three products or services that you can offer people before putting them into a general broadcast email. Map out your point of sales before you send out your emails and plan would be the most appealing product or service to people signing up for your newsletter. If you can, track who is making purchases on your site that get there through you email. Keep sending these people emails targeted at sales. For those that don’t buy, put them into a general broadcast email.

There are some people who are burning to buy things online, so don’t close the door to sales in any of your emails. Even if you are sending people to a blog or video on your website, make it easy to navigate to a place for sales on that page. Have a link below or beside the content that brings them to a sales page.

A good thing to do is to sign up for emails for companies or people you like and see how they set up their autoresponder emails. Determine how you want to sell like and make it fit with your brand.