How To Customize a Mailchimp Sign Up Form and Welcome Message

To grow your list of subscribers, you can embed a customized sign up form on your website, or share a link on social media. You can also customize the welcome message that your new subscribers receive after they fill out your sign up form. This tutorial will go over how to set up and customize both of these elements. This tutorial assumes that you already possess a MailChimp account. To set yours up today, check out our blog post here.

Step 1: Begin Your Forms

Click on the list button on the main menu to create a list that will be used to organize the subscribers to your newsletter.


Once you have a list created, on the main Lists page, click on the drop down menu on the left, and select Sign Up Forms. 

2015-01-17_17-14-51 From here, select General Forms.


Make sure you have selected the sign up form from the drop down menu.



Step 2: Build and Design Your Form

You can customize your sign up form by changing your design, message and required form fields using the Build It and Design It tabs. You can also add the option to translate your form into other languages.


Step 3: Share Your Form

On this page, you’ll see some sharing options just above the form template.  Mailchimp provides a direct URL to your sign up page, and ways to share your form on Facebook and Twitter.

Personalizing Your Welcome Message

You can personalize the welcome message that your new subscribers receive after they fill out your sign up form. This is done from the same Lists page as personalizing your sign up form.

Step 1: Set up the email

From the Create Forms page select Final “welcome” email from the drop down menu. Select the Send a final welcome email check box.

Welcome Message

Step 2: Build and Design your email

Similar to the sign up form, you can customize your welcome message with the Build It and Design it tab.

And that’s all there is to creating a personalized sign up form and a automated welcome message.