The use of video can do many things for your business. It used to be common for businesses to avoid using video unless they were creating a television commercial. That’s not always necessary today, though. By creating an engaging video, placing it on your blog or website, and using it in various marketing materials, you can communicate in a much more effective manner. You’ll find yourself in a situation to actually enhance the experience your customers have, too. Take a look at the various ways that video can work for you.

Invest in a Video About Your Company

A simple video designed to provide information about your business to potential customers is the first thing to do. You’ll keep the contents engaging, interesting, and on-point, discussing what your business is, what it offers, and who it helps. Most importantly, focus on the problems your business solves for the customer. You’ll quickly be able to use this video, including on blogs and websites as a type of welcome for new customers. Videos like this, done well, help customers to get to know who they are potentially working with. That level of confidence is critically important.

Teach Something to Become the Expert

Another way in which you can use video is as a teaching tool. For example, if your business installs roofing, you can create a demonstration video about the signs a homeowner may need a new roof. Show examples from existing projects. Discuss when the buyer should call for roofing repair, why, and the benefits of doing so. This level of communication helps buyers to see that they need to react. Post these on sites like and Facebook. They can help you to pull in customers because they showcase your services as expertise.

Other Ways to Use Video

Still looking for a few more ways video can help?

  • Answer common customer questions to gain a higher level of professionalism.
  • Welcome customers with a video and tell them what steps they can take to reach you
  • Use video in your emails to get people interested enough to come back to your website

The more ways you use video the better. That’s because customers like not just seeing information in written form, but seeing the words coming from your mouth. It’s more engaging and it creates a realistic, personal experience for your customers. They get to know you, the all-important step they need to take in order to buy from you.