Tell Us About Yourself

I grew up in the south end of Guelph, Ontario and went to high school at Bishop Macdonell. I started running competitively when I was 14, which has directed a lot of my life so far. I went to Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama on a full athletic scholarship for two years. I then transferred to the University of Guelph and finished my degree in International Development focusing on Political Science and Economics, while competing on the varsity track and cross country teams. I graduated in 2013 as the University of Guelph Female Athlete of the Year and committed to chasing a spot on the Olympic team for 2016. I interned at Intrigue Media before starting at Hunch Manifest. I’m also a sometimes freelance writer, an avid commuter cyclist and a total coffee snob.


What do you do at Hunch Manifest?

I am a marketing associate and social media guru for Hunch. I help put together online strategies for clients and try to come up with creative ways for people to connect with their communities online and share their story.

Why do you like working for Hunch?

I like constantly learning on the job and having to stay current with what is relevant online. I also love helping local, small businesses with their online presence and growth. Social media is constantly changing and as online communication becomes more and more dominant, its so important for businesses to stay current and active in this space. Its fun and exciting to learn about what works and how to have an impact in this loud and crazy online world.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A professional athlete until 2016. After that, I would like to get better at web development and combine my knowledge and experience in marketing with my love of creating online.

Two fun facts about Andrea

I am an elite distance runner training to represent Canada at the Pan Am Games in Toronto this summer in the 5000m.

A life goal of mine is to publish my own cookbook.

Favorite website?

Medium for casual reading, the Great Discontent for inspiration and Team Treehouse for learning

Blogs you like to read

Buffer‘s blog for articles on social media, The Blog of Tim Ferris, and a ton of food blogs, like OhSheGlows.

Last book you read (that has to do with work)

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Who are your career influencers?

Ira Glass- the host of This American Life. Not only do I love this podcast, but this video inspires me anytime I feel like a total beginner in something.

My brother, Matthew Seccafien- He started his own, small web design company in Toronto and has inspired me to keep learning and follow your creative curiosities.

Your biggest aha in the last 12 months

If you want to be really, truly great, you have to take a risk to get there.

What is your favourite social media medium?

Twitter because you can get news and follow events easily. I like that it forces you to be a better, wittier writer. I also love Pinterest for the DIY tags, which are awesome for a serial crafter like myself.

When do you get your best work done?

I love being productive in the morning, with the help of coffee of course.