The Different Meanings of the Word Manifest

When it comes to understanding the word manifest, it is important to realize its definition depends on the overall spirit or usage of the world. Manifest can be a powerful word that describes the goals and ideas. It can be used in various ways to demonstrate creation, both positive and negative. Take into consideration a few of the different meanings of the word manifest and how it might apply to your situation.

As an Adjective

Perhaps the most common use of manifest is as an adjective. In this manner, it means “clear or obvious to the eye or mind.” Synonyms for it might include plain, evident, distinct, and clear. In other words, it is obvious that something is present or that something is possible. The system’s manifest problems, for example, show how the system’s problems were obvious

As a Verb

Manifest can also be used as a verb. In this way, it means to “display or show, a quality or feeling” by one’s acts or appearance, or to demonstrate. In this case, the word is used to describe something that is happening. An example sentence for the word as a verb might be, “The boy manifested signs of illness.” In this case, it means showing, exhibiting, displaying, and presenting. In this manner, it can be used to describe many things, including evidence, spirits, or even a health condition.

As a Noun

Manifest is also a noun. Generally, this refers to a document that provides comprehensive details of a ship and the cargo on it, often used for a customs office or crew. While this is a very specific type of document, modern language has altered the noun to include “manifesto” which describes the plan of action or the goal of a project or person.

In addition to these uses, the word manifest has commonly been used to describe the creation or development of a product or service. In many cases, this describes a very new product or something that is being used or brought to use in a different manner than it was used previously.
Additionally, manifest can refer to various development steps in the creation of something, whether it is the manifestation of a new business plan or marketing plan or a manifestation of a brand new product that will take the world by storm. In all cases, manifest is used in modern language as a powerful word.