The Online Presence Maturity Model (OPMM) is a roadmap for business owners to take control of their web  marketing channel. It provides a clear path for how they can leverage their reputation and online presence in order to grow their business. Businesses should think of their online presence as an integral part to their marketing and customer service strategy. The Online Presence Maturity Model shows Hunch Manifest’s vision for how a business should operate using Presence.

Online Presence Maturity Model


The model takes businesses through 5 levels of maturity, each stage building on the prior stage. First we build their online presence , then we give them the tools and skills to engage with their customers, followed by strategies to manage their interactions online. Finally, we teach them how to leverage their outstanding reputation and presence to increase their business performance.

  1. Start
    • Bad or Non-existent Reputation
    • Have a website
  2. Build
    • Directory Listings
    • Ease Other Marketing
    • Optimization
    • Basic Metrics
  3. Engage
    • Online Monitoring
    • Actively respond to reviews
    • Rich Search Results
    • Social Media Presence
  4. Manage
    • Solicit positive reputation
    • Active listening to feedback
    • Mitigate Bad Review
    • Staff Training for Culture
  5. Leverage
    • Leverage Reputation and Increase Marketing Advertising,
    • Protect Reputation
    • Integrated Process

Where you are today?

Our Presence Report evaluates how you show up to the world on the web. It identifies where your company is listed, summarizes customer reviews and analyzes your website. Depending on your online Presence maturity, the Report includes an online maturity score out of 5, recommendations to improve your listings, where you should be active to engage your customers and Search Engine Optimization tips. Together, you get an idea of where your company is today and the actionable personalized recommendations increase your organic and referral traffic, higher click throughs and higher conversion rates.

$200 one time

Leveraging your presence

If your aim is to improve existing online presence to significantly increase your sales and conversions from the web, then you have to feed and water your marketing. For only $30 per month the Presence Manager helps you get there. What can you expect from the Presence Manager?

Personalized Marketing

Why boil the ocean yourself when you can get personalized marketing advice for only $30 a month? We start with a Presence Report to determine where you should start. Then we work with you to craft a roadmap personalized to your business needs.

Brand Insight

Reviews of your business and products can be found in dozens of locations on the internet. Finding them can be a challenge and time consuming. Presence Manager discovers the places you’re showing on the internet and collects what’s being said about your business in real-time. Real time insights allow you know what’s being said while empowering you to actively engage and manage your brand.

Curate and Leverage Reputation

Word of mouth references continue to creep onto the internet, with many early adopters having built up hundreds of online reviews. The major sources of your online traffic and referrals highlight your reviews without you even knowing. Be a steward of your reputation, understand where people mention you, and what they’re saying. Then use the Presence Manager system to gather reviews on your favorite sites so that you show up as the star in your industry and city.

Optimized Online Presence

Keeping up with the latest Google Search algorithms is daunting, and technology trends are overwhelming. How are you supposed to stay on top of what’s important when you have a business to run? Our personalized recommendations determine the highest impact areas so you only need to decide if and when you want to execute.

Get started for $30 per month

  • Quarterly Presence Report
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Reputation Alerts
  • Monthly Actionable Tips and Tricks

Only $30 per month