How to Participate in a Google Hangout On Air

Hosting a Google Hangout on Air is a great way to have a live interview, host a webinar, or host a discussion. We’ve been hosting a weekly coaching session for our clients. This guide will show you how to invite people to your hangout and how to join the hangout.

You can watch a Hangout in one of two ways, as a Viewer or Participate. Viewing the Hangout means you can watch the hangout but not participate in the live chat. Viewing the Hangout may be fine if you want to primarily watch and submit questions. Your answers will be address in the order which they are received but you will be unable to have a dialog. For that, you need to Join the Hangout. Both methods of joining have instructions that follow.

All members of the Hunch Presence Community will receive an invitation to join the hangout in email and in their Google+ notifications. Additionally, if you RSVP yes or request to participate in the hangout you will get a different invitation to join the live broadcast.

View the Hangout

When Hunch Manifest moderator invites users as the Hangout begins, the users receive the following message which invites to view the broadcast.

Email Inviting you to View:


Email Content that links you to the Event page to View:


Asking Questions in View Mode





Join the Hangout to Participate Live

If, however you want to engage in the live conversation you need to be RSVP ahead of time or message us on the Event page. The moderator will add you to the Hangout so you can participate, ask questions and contribute as you like.


Email Subject to Join & Participate in live broadcast:


Email Content to Join & Participate in live broadcast:2015-08-07_16-56-06


We hope this guide takes out some of the confusion of joining a Hangout so your viewers can quickly join, ask questions and participate in your discussion.