BufferSocial media scheduling tools save time and stress when you’re trying to manage multiple social media accounts. That’s why Buffer is our preferred social media scheduling tool here at Hunch. We love buffer because you can set up a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ account and schedule up to 10 posts to all of them with the free version.You can post anything to all of your networks you want immediately or simply schedule your networks individually from one dashboard. You can also set a personalized updating schedule for each of your accounts based on when your audience is most active on a social platform.

This simple and powerful app has an amazing analytical system that helps you measure the performances of your posts, so you can optimize your schedule and get the most out of your social media activity. Then, it’ll let you followup and see all the replies, retweets, click stats, and more from each of your posts, right from a combined desktop.

Buffer has you covered everywhere. Its offers a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari that lets you share content from any Web page. It adds a small icon to your browser and lets you share directly from blogs or websites you like. This makes is super simple to curate content without having to navigate away from the page. They also have an Android and IOS app that works the same way as the desktop version.

Buffer is also great because you can still mention people on Twitter from the desktop app by using the “@” sign. However, this functionality does not extend to Facebook or Google+.

The upgrade, an Awesome plan for $10/month, allows you to add up to 12 social networking accounts and post to them all at once (or save an unlimited number of posts in your queue).

We recommend that all of our clients use Buffer because there is a solid free version and we use it ourselves. Its also good practice to schedule some of your social media content every week, while also including some time sensitive content that is delivered in the moment.