How to Delete a Twitter Account

Being aware of the power of social media, you will have ensured your business signed up for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – the minimum list – to bring your products and services to the attention of the interactive online global audience. 

Nevertheless, you might find yourself with duplicate accounts, or multiple accounts and want to delete one to focus your social media efforts. 

Some social media accounts are very difficult to get away from, either for a short while or permanently. Fortunately, Twitter knows that people may wish to leave so they make it an easy process, in the hope that you will expect to come back to fight the battle, another day. Twitter also give you the opportunity to change your mind to keep the account, easily and efficiently, but why would you wish to delete your Twitter account altogether?

Easy steps to delete your Twitter account (read more on Twitter support web page)

  1. Log on to your Twitter account with the username and password for the account you want to delete.login
  2. Click on the account settings by locating the gear image on the  top right hand side of the web page and as you hover over it, you will find it is called ‘Profile and settings.’ When you ‘left’ click on the box, you will see a new list drop down aYou will need to click on settings.settings
  3. After ‘settings’ opens, right down at the bottom of the Account and Content options is a blue font titled ‘Deactivate my account. Click on it and the bottom of the next page will give you two options. First, click on the big blue button to continue deleting, or as Twitter call it, deactivating your account, or Click on cancel to keep your account. deactivate
  4. Is this goodbye’ gives you the option to tell Twitter why you are leaving them and Before you deactivate’ tells you that there are other courses of action you can take You can change your mind within the next 30 days and restore everything that will otherwise, be permanently deleted. Click on “Okay fine, deactivate my account”


Additional Information

  1. You can change your Twitter name and URL without your current account, so you do not have to delete your Twitter account to achieve a specific target; maybe you changed business name and need a new Twitter ‘handle.’
  2. Although Twitter will delete all that the public can see on twitter, some internet archive websites hold the information in their memory for years to come.
  3. If you choose to delete your Twitter account because you are arguing with Twitter’s management over an issue, simple deactivating the account will not solve those issues. Contact Twitter support for more help.