Why Yellow Pages?

The Yellow Pages is a primary data provider to many downstream websites. For instance, if you provide them with your data, they will periodically send the company information to other websites who will add a citation. Yellow Pages also has a free online listing available to promote your business on their website.

Their free online profile page allows you to enter your business name, address and phone number to be listed on www.yellowpages.ca. They charge ($25 up to $500 monthly) to provide additional promotion services for your company.

Where do I register?


What is the process?

  • Fill out the form
  • Wait a few days for a sales person to contact you
  • Listen to and then politely decline their value add packages.
  • When they approve the listing your business information goes up


Mark van Berkel is Founder and President of Hunch Manifest Inc. While managing business operations he also leads the team in designing semantic technology to provide personalized online presence and reputation management services. Prior to forming the company, he was consultant in enterprise software projects to companies including Panasonic, Shell, and General Electric and was an Architect for a world leading human capital management software-as-a-service. Mark holds a Bachelor of Information Systems from StFX University and did his graduate studies at University of Toronto, getting a MEng Industrial Information Engineering and an MBA, Strategy and Innovation from the Rotman School of Management. In 2006 he published a 170 page report as a researcher at the Semantic Technologies Lab at the University of Toronto and built a semantic technology prototype for SAP Research Labs. Connect with Mark on LinkedIn or Twitter. Mark is also certified in Google Analytics.