We all use keywords to do searches but how do you find out which keywords relevant to your business are searched the most? These steps teach you how to use the Google Adwords tool to find out which keywords people use to search in your geographic area.  Once you know what keywords to use, use them in your website title, description, blog titles and content.

Let’s get started.

 Step 1: Go to adwords.google.ca and login.

You will need to use your Google account to login. If you don’t have a Google account, click on create an account.

Select Tools>keyword planner from the top menu
tools selection

  Step 2: Select “Get search volume…”


Step 3: Make a list of keywords

Add a list of keywords relevant to your business. Include your business name, and then key things you know that your clients search for. You might also look on your home page and pick out the words that show up frequently.

Click the search for keywords button in the top right side of the screen.


Step 4: Search for keywords relevant to your business

Select the “Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups” bullet. Enter relevant keywords to your business and click “Get Search Volumes” when complete.


You want to see the search volume for your keywords and other suggestions Google might have. Click on the tab titled “Keyword Ideas”.


Step 5: Review which keywords have the highest monthly searches.

Ideally you find keywords that have an average monthly search of 4000 or greater. In this case, any of the keywords shown would be suitable to use.




Tell us what you discovered. What keywords showed up for your business?